Tinplate Cans

As a tinplate cans packaging supplier, we are supplying tinplate iron products, round cans, square tubes, and special-shaped tubes, specialized in custom designed tins. 

Our range includes professional design, metal packaging, new packaging and mold development. 

  • Food tinplate cans/boxes

  • Biscuits & Cookie tinplate cans/boxes

  • Candy & Mint Tinplate cans/boxes

  • Chocolate Tinplate cans/boxes

  • Coffee Tinplate cans/boxes

  • Pet Foods Tinplate cans/boxes

  • Tea tinplate cans/boxes

  • Gifts tinplate cans/boxes 

These are the main product range, also can provide a variety of tinplate cans or tinplate boxes in different shapes.

The biggest volume we can make is 4000ml, and all the material made of tinplate cans award ISO9001-2008 and FDA. SEDEX certification, which enables us to provide the best services and quality to our global customers.


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